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Xpoles in Australia

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I get asked a fair bit about stripper poles and which ones to choose… well without any fancy endorsement I can happily say that X-Pole is the brand for me.

Xpole dancing poles are amongst the most popular dancing poles and are readily available therefore making it easy to find xpole dancing poles for sale. The popularity of these dancing poles can be attributed to their outstanding features which have even been further improved in the latest xpole dancing poles. Most of the features on these poles are technologically oriented and therefore they enhance comfort and safety while using the poles. These poles come in a complete set which makes them convenient to use in different places.

Amongst the features that make these dancing poles stand out is that they come with a micro base plate which means that they have a small base for optimum support and minimum contact. These poles also have the spinning and static options where one just needs to lock the pole for static mode and unlock the pole for spinning mode. The main pole in the set of xpole dancing poles is the pole A and it comes with a height adjuster rod and a simple metallic adjuster cover. This allows the pole to be adjusted to the convenience of the user. Furthermore, the adjuster threads into place consequently creating a smooth pole with no bumps or sharp edges from top to bottom. The other notable pole in the set of poles is the pole B which like the main pole A has ceiling height which is between 2235 mm and 2375 mm depending on the building the poles are being used in.

Why Choose Xpole Stripper Poles?

The poles that are used on the ceiling heights also come with a 125 mm extension which is usually attached to the ceiling for the ceilings with heights of between 2360 mm and 2500 mm. These poles also comes with the 180 mm new x joint which is attached to the 125 mm extension and used with the smallest extensions which are nearest to the ceiling. The poles also come with extensions of 250 mm which are used on the ceilings with heights of between 2485 mm and 2620 mm. The two extensions can be combined to be used on ceilings with heights of between 2610 mm and 2745 mm. This makes these xpole dancing poles ideal to be used on ceilings of different heights. The 200mm new x joint that comes with these poles is used to connect all larger pole pieces.

What About Plus Size Strippers?

What about them? xpoles work for BBW’s as well!!

The xpole dancing poles also comes with an upper support dome which is capable of griping a large surface area of the ceiling for support and extra stability. This support dome also comes with a silicon ring so as to protect the ceiling in the places it is being used. While buying these poles one also gets two carry cases where one is used to carry the pole pieces while the other is used to carry the upper support dome and micro base plate. These poles are also easy to install and they come with new heavy duty tools which are easy to use. Furthermore, there are spare screws on the package which are very helpful especially when one loses the original screws while transporting. Many places that have xpole dancing poles for sale usually give eighteen month warranty which is restricted to only sets bought within Australia. Therefore, xpole dancing poles are of high quality since they provide both comfort and safety.


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