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XPole for Sale in Australia


X-Pole, XPole, X Pole or however you spell it… quite simply these poles are for the pro’s. And I am not meaning to slander any strippers out there (have tried that before) but more to say that these poles are built for safety and reliability. If you have the space and want to practice at home in a safe environment (or in the bedroom because your partner deserves a show) then you must not look past these Xpole dance poles.

You can buy inferior stripper poles for cheap on ebay I am quite sure – I think I have seen them for as low as $99 – but they will be tricky to setup and dismantle and will be really non-sturdy (not a good feeling when swinging around the place).


X-Pole is the market leader in pole design.
The X-Pole is the worlds best selling portable pole dancing pole.
Designed by pole dancers for pole dancers.
Recommended by many of the world’s best pole dancers.
Ideal for both beginners and professional dancers and strippers alike.
Strong and stable enough for pole tricks (even my partner jumped on it and tried swinging on it like a bear – no problems).
IMO the X-Pole XPert will give you the ability to grow, develop and extend your repertoire of pole dancing moves.


  • Spinning & Static modes.
  • Ceiling height 7ft 4in to 9ft.
  • Totally portable.
  • Assembles in a few minutes.
  • No drilling or screwing. Comes with the allen key or hex key and that is all you need to install.
  • No ladders required.
  • Totally smooth top to bottom.
  • XJoint technology.
  • Comes with two free kit bags.


If your ceiling is higher than 9ft an extension can be purchased. I didn’t need to extend mine as I have it in the bedroom (obviously).

Links about Xpole

I got mine from Adalt Store but there are plenty of options to buy.

Check out the manufacturer sight in USA here.


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  • Edmilson
    August 12, 2015

    As far as i know there is no age requirement to get into sex toys but to become a member you have to be 18 because you sign waivers and contracts and such. Well, on second thought, I think you have to be 18! I’m going to stick with that. So if you’re 18 come on through!! 1325 W. Randolph st. in Chicago’s west loop! or buy something online?

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