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Some Everyday Dress Essentials

Fashion Essentials For You Sexy Beasts!

I have been waaay too quiet lately… so thought I would write about a couple of new items I liked… and wanted to blab on about… so ‘ere goes nuffin!

Characterised by refined form of style, a person can stand out from the crowd and grab maximum attention by a classy and timeless fashion inspired wardrobe.

  1. Every one of us is attractive if they know to style themselves correctly.
  2. In general, clothes should be mainly in contrast to the skin tone of the person.

For example, a person of whitish skin tone should prefer light and soft colors whereas a person of bright skin tone can go with both light and dark shaded clothes. Dressing occasionally should be exclusive and elegant.

Once Was Style

Light skin tones

For business and official parties, elegant and cutting edged clothes should be opted whereas for occasions like nightclubbing, bright shiny and glittered attire can be a great option. You can find many dresses for all occasions coming from all the top designers these days.


One of my favorite places (and yes a bit of a plug here because they always look after me) is Zboutique because it prides itself on being a retail store that provide quality fashion dresses for all occasions. Our edgy and classy collection of outfits is easy to mix, accessories and carry.

As everyone knows, quality counts when it comes to women’s clothing. Our range includes high quality, yet affordable office and party dress including jackets, skirts, tops and pants. Also, Zboutique provides a range of accessories to complement and complete the outfit along with a selection of other well matched items suitable for all occasions.

Fuckin' Hot Bitch!

“Fuckin’ Hot Bitch!”

We encourage you to opt for more than one look or mix two looks together to see how well it goes together.
Our range of options provide quality textiles and stitching from local and international labels with regular new updates. Outfits of sizes from Australian 8 to 18 are available with an option of colours in many styles. Easy shopping experience helps our clients to take a pick from the seasons freshest trends.

For example this summer, we expect more bold, bright colors and floral patterns will be used with our winters bold yet darker warm colored outfits to be most popular.

4 Seasons

Talking more about fabrics and textiles, consider soft and comforting yet luxurious to touch fabrics with suitable print for the occasion.

Quality of the fabric can be checked and consider its durability and finishing.

Some of my favorite clothing items for all occasions from the wonderful Zboutique are listed below:

  • Blue Long Sleeve Floral Print Jacket: it is a single front buttoned jacket with floral print and fully lined. Available in three color options, the jacket is available online in blue, black and pink color.
Zcollection Blue Long Sleeve Flower/Floral Print Jacket

Zcollection Blue Long Sleeve Flower/Floral Print Jacket

  • Black long sleeves jacket: single buttoned from the front, the jacket is available in two more colors i.e. blue and pink. The jacket is available in long sleeves and best for official and professional occasions.
Zcollection Black Long Sleeve Jacket

Zcollection Black Long Sleeve Jacket

  • Deep purple tailored office dress: fully lined attire, made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastic, the dress is best for official as well as nightclub or partying wear. It has a detachable belt with a black zipper to zip up the dress. The dress has a classy bow in front without excessive details on the dress to avoid messy look. It can be paired with beautiful neckpiece and stilettos if selected for a party other than any official events.


  • All the stuff by The Shanti Butterfly but in particular “The Shanti Butterfly” Womens Monochrome Pants: the new cut full length butterfly pant is a beautiful collection available on various online stores. It has a thick waist band with pockets and drop crutch.

Sexy Pants

  • Blue 3/4 Sleeve Blazer: single buttoned from the front, the jacket is fully lined satin fabric made jacket with no sleeves and available in 3 color options. This can match with a wide range of dresses for all occasions.
blue 3/4 blazer

blue 3/4 blazer

So what do you sexy boys and girls think of that?

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