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Always searching for a perfect womens dresses for work and home? Welcome to the club.

‘What am I going to wear?’ This is the most common question many women ask themselves, and is especially difficult to answer when they have to attend a special event, such as a wedding, a corporate event or an interview.

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So how do know which of your selection of party dresses you should wear to an event?


The Basics Of Dressing

You need to know the accepted DOs and DONTs for specific events. This way you’ll know how to appear your best and avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. Here are the basics that need to know:

  • Unless the invitation states otherwise, never wear white to a wedding. Black and red are now acceptable to wear, but keep them understated.
  • Black tie and white tie events usually call for floor-length gowns. Heels or smart shoes are recommended.
  • Casual events would require wearing a pencil skirt, dress pants or khakis. This is best paired with a silk top or button-down for smart casual, and a long-sleeved or three-quarter sleeved top for business casual.
  • A cocktail event would be the best place to wear your little black dress. Any short dress would also be great for the occasion.
  • A conservative black suit is a classic attire to wear for interviews. Corporate work dresses that come in subdued colours is another great option.

The Details Behind It All

Each event is different from another. Because of this, it is impossible to have one formula to follow when dressing for an event. Although you can stick with the basic etiquette listed above, to be 100% sure that you are dressing appropriately for an occasion, there are some essential information you need to find out:

  • Hosts or guests – Knowing who your host is and who the invited guests are would also give you an idea of the type of atmosphere to expect at the event, whether formal or informal. This in turn will help you decide on the right dress to wear for the event.
  • Time and location – Is it going to be a late morning, mid afternoon or evening event? You need to know exactly when it will start and possibly end. This will allow you to pick a dress that will be appropriate for the time. The location is another factor you should consider. Having a wedding in a church for example, would need a more conservative type of dress compared to one held at the beach.

Don’t forget to ask the bride or groom, the maid of honour, or the host or anyone you can get hold of for the specifics of the event. Only in knowing the details will you have a clear idea on how to appropriately dress for the occasion. When in doubt – dress up rather than down.

Plenty of online fashion stores are available have a wide range of dresses that you can choose from for any occasion. Whether it’s for a casual day out or a special event, we have the perfect outfit for you.

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